Tomonaga Mio

Name:Tomonaga Mio
Japanese name:朝長美桜
Japanese nickname:みお
Birth date: (25y)
Star sign:Taurus - Tiger
Blood type:O
Previous group(s):AKB48 (Team B->Team 4), HKT48 (2nd gen, Team KIV), Tentoumu Chu!
Hometown:Fukuoka, Japan
Twitter account:
Followers: 84,058
Followers: 126,739
Tomonaga Mio


Previous shows

Guest appearances

09/29/2019HKT Variety 48#88
08/06/2018HKTBINGO!#4Aru Aru Neta
07/16/2018HKTBINGO!#1Audition (Part 1)
08/28/2017HKT Variety 48#63
08/18/2017Kono Yubi to~mare!#16HKT48 - Papier Maché - Osaka☆Shunkashuuto
07/30/2017HKT Variety 48#62
01/10/2017AKBINGO!#423Lucky Girl Ranking 2017
11/15/2016AKBINGO!#416HKT48 vs AKB48
11/08/2016AKBINGO!#415HKT48 vs AKB48
06/28/2016HKT48 no Hokamina ~sono hoka no mina-san~#57Final Episode SP
06/15/2016Sashihara Kaiwaizu#29
07/28/2015AKBINGO!#350AKB48 Fashion Collection 2015 SUMMER
07/21/2015AKBINGO!#349AKB48 Fashion Collection 2015 SUMMER
06/13/2015AKB48 Tabi Shojo#10
02/03/2015AKBINGO!#325Lucky Girl Ranking 2015
01/27/2015AKBINGO!#324Lucky Girl Ranking 2015
01/27/2015HKT48 no Hokamina ~sono hoka no mina-san~#18
01/20/2015AKBINGO!#323Lucky Girl Ranking 2015
01/19/2015Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#230
12/08/2014Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#225AKB48 vs HKT48
12/05/2014HKT Shakariki 48!#23Tomonaga Mio x Food Sample Maker
12/02/2014HKT48 no Hokamina ~sono hoka no mina-san~#15
09/26/2014mu-JackHKT48 1hr Special
09/22/2014Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#214Ariyoshi AKB Radio Program SP
09/15/2014Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#213Ariyoshi AKB Radio Program SP
08/06/2014Ren'ai Sousenkyo#19
07/22/2014AKBINGO!#298AKB48 Regular Clothes Collection 2014 Summer
07/15/2014AKBINGO!#297The Time Pressure Battle Burger Shop!!
07/08/2014AKBINGO!#296AKB48 Regular Clothes Collection 2014 Summer
07/01/2014AKBINGO!#295The Time Pressure Battle Burger Shop!!
06/17/2014HKT48 no Hokamina ~sono hoka no mina-san~#3
06/11/2014Ren'ai Sousenkyo#11
06/04/2014Ren'ai Sousenkyo#10
05/28/2014Ren'ai Sousenkyo#9
03/24/2014Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#188Ariyoshi HKT Radio Program
03/17/2014Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#187
03/15/2014AKB48 SHOW!#21
03/10/2014Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#186
02/15/2014AKB48 SHOW!#17
11/09/2013AKB48 SHOW!#6
11/02/2013AKB48 SHOW!#5
10/19/2013AKB48 SHOW!#3
09/15/2013AKB Eizo Center#22
09/03/2013AKBINGO!#254Muchaburi Dodge Ball
08/27/2013AKBINGO!#253Muchaburi Dodge Ball
08/04/2013AKB Eizo Center#16
03/25/2013Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#138Ariyoshi HKT Radio Program
03/11/2013Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku#136Kyowakoku Seven vs HKT Seven


Photo books


General election

AKB48 53rd Single Senbatsu201848.24272.00KIV
AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu201735.25733.00KIV/4
AKB48 45th Single Senbatsu201623.31314.00KIV/4
AKB48 41st Single Senbatsu201521.28197.00KIV/4
AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu201427.23766.00KIV/B
AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu201359.12126.00Ken


Tomonaga MioTomonaga Mio
Tomonaga MioTomonaga Mio
Tomonaga MioTomonaga Mio
Tomonaga MioTomonaga Mio
Tomonaga MioTomonaga Mio
Tomonaga Mio

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Magazine shoots

Young Animal2018 / No. 5/25 (05/11/2018)7
BOMB Magazine2018 / No. 3 (02/09/2018)
BIG ONE GIRLS2018 / No. 01 (11/30/2017)
EN TAME2017 / No. 12 (10/30/2017)
EX Taishu2017 / No. 09 (08/12/2017)
BIG ONE GIRLS2017 / No. 09 (07/31/2017)
EX Taishu2017 / No. 07 (06/15/2017)
BIG ONE GIRLS2017 / No. 06 (05/30/2017)
EN TAME2017 / No. 04 (02/28/2017)
BOMB Magazine2017 / No. 03 (02/09/2017)
BUBKA2017 / No. 02 (12/29/2016)
BUBKA2017 / No. 01 (11/30/2016)
EN TAME2016 / No. 9 (07/30/2016)
EX Taishu2016 / No. 12 (11/15/2016)
EN TAME2016 / No. 11 (09/30/2016)
EN TAME2016 / No. 10 (08/30/2016)
BOMB Magazine2016 / No. 10 (09/09/2016)
EN TAME2016 / No. 1 (11/30/2015)
BUBKA2016 / No. 08 (06/30/2016)
EN TAME2015 / No. 7 (05/30/2015)
EN TAME2015 / No. 5 (03/30/2015)
BOMB Magazine2015 / No. 12 (11/09/2015)
BUBKA2015 / No. 08 (06/30/2015)
EX Taishu2015 / No. 6 (05/15/2015)
EX Taishu2015 / No. 5 (04/15/2015)
BOMB Magazine2015 / No. 5 (04/09/2015)
EX Taishu2015 / No. 4 (03/14/2015)
EX Taishu2015 / No. 2 (01/15/2015)
EN TAME2015 / No. 1 (11/29/2014)
EN TAME2014 / No. 12 (10/30/2014)
BOMB Magazine2014 / No. 03 (02/08/2014)
BOMB Magazine2013 / No. 10 (09/09/2013)
BOMB Magazine2013 / No. 09 (08/09/2013)
BOMB Magazine2013 / No. 06 (05/09/2013)
BOMB Magazine2013 / No. 04 (03/09/2013)


2018-08-01 19:00AKB48グループ感謝祭 〜ランクインコンサート〜(選抜総選挙ランクイン(17位〜100位)メンバー出演):ファミリー席
2018-08-01 19:00AKB48グループ感謝祭 〜ランクインコンサート〜(選抜総選挙ランクイン(17位〜100位)メンバー出演):推しメン席
2018-02-25 13:00HKT48春のアリーナツアー2018 〜これが博多のやり方だ!〜
2017-11-06 18:30Takahashi Juriチーム4「夢を死なせるわけにいかない」 PerformanceAKB48 Theater
2017-05-25 18:30「AKB48チームB+HKT48ひまわり組」 PerformanceAKB48 Theater
2017-03-27 18:15Nishino Miki Graduation performanceAKB48 Theater
2017-01-12 18:30'Takahashi Juri Team 4' PerformanceAKB48 Theater
2015-10-09 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-10-06 18:30Himawari-gumi 'Pajama Drive' HKT48 Theater
2015-10-01 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Gotou Izumi birthday partyHKT48 Theater
2015-09-19 12:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-09-19 17:00Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' お馴染みさん限定公演HKT48 Theater
2015-09-15 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-09-14 18:30Himawari-gumi 'Pajama Drive' HKT48 Theater
2015-09-10 18:30Himawari-gumi 'Pajama Drive' HKT48 Theater
2015-09-09 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-09-05 17:00Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-09-05 12:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' 絆公演HKT48 Theater
2015-09-04 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-07-13 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-07-07 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Fukugawa Maiko birthday partyHKT48 Theater
2015-07-01 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Okada Kanna birthday partyHKT48 Theater
2015-06-24 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-06-22 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-06-18 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' お馴染みさん限定公演HKT48 Theater
2015-06-09 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Motomura Aoi birthday partyHKT48 Theater
2015-05-31 17:00「HKT48全国ツアー~全国統一終わっとらんけん~」/苫小牧市民会館【北海道】
2015-05-28 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-05-19 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Tomonaga Mio birthday partyHKT48 Theater
2015-05-17 17:00「HKT48全国ツアー~全国統一終わっとらんけん~」/島根県民会館【島根県】
2015-05-12 18:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' HKT48 Theater
2015-05-02 17:00Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Miyawaki Sakura birthday partyHKT48 Theater
2015-05-02 12:30Team KⅣ 'Theater no Megami' Kumizawa Serina birthday partyHKT48 Theater

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