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Japanese title:ラッキーガールランキング2015
1. Koko ga Rhodos da, koko de tobe! 

Episode cast

Main part
HostSata Masaki (36)(Bad Boys member)
HostKiyoto (36)(Bad Boys member)
regularTakahashi Minami (23)(48 Groups Main Director)
regularKitahara Rie (23)(AKB48 Team K member)
regularKashiwagi Yuki (23)(AKB48 Team B member)
regularWatanabe Mayu (20)(AKB48 Team B member)
regularMinegishi Minami (22)(AKB48 Team K Captain, Ex-Team 4 Captain & Ex-Team A/K/B member)
regularMiyazawa Sae (24)(AKB48 Team K member)
regularIchikawa Miori (20)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularIwata Karen (16)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularNakanishi Chiyori (19)(AKB48 Team A, Ex-HKT48 Team H member)
regularTano Yuuka (17)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularOgasawara Mayu (20)(Ex-NMB48, Ex-AKB48 member)
regularOkada Nana (17)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularNishino Miki (15)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularIwatate Saho (20)
guestMatsui Jurina (17)(SKE48 Team S Member)
guestYamamoto Sayaka (21)(NMB48 Team N member)
guestKodama Haruka (18)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestTanaka Natsumi (14)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestTashima Meru (15)
guestTomonaga Mio (16)
guestShibata Aya (21)
guestFuruhata Nao (18)
guestYamada Nana (22)
guestKitagawa Ryouha (16)
guestTanaka Miku (13)(HKT48 student)
guestYabuki Nako (13)(HKT48 Team H, Ex-AKB48 Team B)
guestYamada Nanami (15)(AKB48 Team 8 member)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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