This week's schedule (Detailed schedule)

25:29NOGIBINGO! #8.11NTV
24:59AKBINGO! #446NTV
25:30HKT48 no Odekake! #222TBS
23:45AKB48 SHOW! #156NHK BS Premium
24:00Nogizaka Under Construction #110TV Tokyo
24:35Keyakitte, kakenai? #86TV Tokyo
25:25Mayonaka #11Fuji TV


07-20MaintenanceMaintenance at TIF2016
As was their original goal to appear at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 in some form or another, they are appearing at TIF! But due to the fact that they got 30 minutes at TIF and they have so far only one song, they have gathered other Ex-Idoling!!! members' groups to join in. During their latest Snack Umeko special, they called around and asked Booing!!!, Magical Punchline and even 'Bitter Chocolate', which was only to be a one-off theater group.
They will perform at TIF on the 2nd day (8/6) at 16h30 at Smile Garden stage.
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11-28MaintenanceEx-Idoling!!! members form spin-off group Maintenance.
At a special Snack Umeko event hosted by Kawamura Yui & Sakai Hitomi with Hamaguchi Masaru (of owarai group Yoiko) as guest, Hamaguchi Masaru proposed to form a new group that he would produce called "Maintenance" which would be comprised of Ex-Idoling!!! members. During the event they contacted several members and asked them to join and come to the venue. Currently Maintenance consists of #1 Sakai Hitomi (Leader), #2 Kawamura Yui (Sub-leader), #3 Ojima Chika, #4 Asahi Nao, #5 Furuhashi Mayu and #6 Sekiya Mayu. He says he would like to get up to 9 members so more members may be announced later as some could not be contacted.
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11-01Idoling!!!Ex-Idoling!!! Satou Rena to form new idol group
Today it was announced that a new idol group will be formed around Satou Rena, who had only just graduated from Idoling!!! on October 31st. On the homepage is a countdown timer to December 24th. This could be the presentation of the members of the new group. We may get more information before that.

The group will be under Pony Canyon.

Countdown website
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10-31Idoling!!!Idoling!!! graduation ceremony.
Today on October 31st 2015, all members of Idoling!!! have graduated in a special 2hr live ceremony at FujiTV's kyuutai where the show had started 9 years ago on October 30th 2006.

At the end of the ceremony, it was announced that there would be a reunion in 5 years on October 31st 2020 at the same location!
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06-05Idoling!!!Idoling!!! 7th generation announced
Today Idoling!!!'s 7th generation was presented at their show recording. As announced back in March, they will be appearing on the show from July and also be participating in live events.

The 7th generation will have three members and are all family members of existing members!

Idoling!!! #36 is Asahi Runa (19), younger sister of #15 Asahi Nao.
Idoling!!! #37 is Hashimoto Natsuki (21), older sister of #21 Hashimoto Kaede and #33 Hashimoto Ruka.
Idoling!!! #38 is Sakai Yoshiko (53), mother of #14 Sakai Hitomi.

On October 31st Idoling!!! all members will be graduating.
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05-17Idoling!!!24th & last single 'Cheering You!!!' announced
Today it was announced that Idoling!!! will release their 24th and last single on July 15th 2015, called 'Cheering You!!!'. Several events are planned in July.

At the end of October 2015, all members of Idoling!!! will graduate.
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05-15NEO from Idoling!!!4th & last single 'Mugen Labyrinth' announced
NEO from Idoling!!!'s 4th and last single was announced today and will be release on Friday June 26th 2015. It will be called 'Mugen Labyrinth'.
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05-10AKB48AKB48 2nd draft meeting
Today AKB48 held their 2nd Draft Meeting where the members themselves choose new members. From the 48 finalists, 24 were chosen by all teams, including NGT48. The chosen ones are as follows:

AKB48 (7)
Team A: Hiwatashi Yui (14) Saitama
Team K: Nomura Nao (15) Aichi, Kubo Satone (11) Kanagawa
Team B: Takahashi Kira (14) Tokyo, Nishikawa Rei (11) Tokyo, Yamabe Ayu (13) Chiba
Team 4: Chiba Erii (11) Kanagawa

SKE48 (5)
Team S: Kamimura Ayuka (11) Aichi, Isshiki Rena (13) Kanagawa
Team KII: Mizuno Airi (12) Aichi, Shirai Kotono (12) Aichi
Team E: Sugawara Maya (15) Miyagi

NMB48 (7)
Team N: Hongou Yuzuha (12) Osaka, Nishinaka Nanami (11) Osaka
Team M: Shibata Yui (17) Kanagawa, Hori Shion (18) Hokkaido
Team BII: Muranaka Yuki (17) Nara, Yasuda Momone (13) Osaka, Andou Erina (11) Aichi

HKT48 (3)
Team H: Matsuoka Hana (15) Chiba, Murakawa Vivian (15) Fukuoka
Team KIV: Imamura Maria (11) Gunma

NGT48 (2)
Nishigata Marina (19) Tokyo, Ogino Yuka (16) Saitama´╗┐
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04-03Idoling!!!Idoling!!! show to end, 15th live at Budokan and all members graduating
During a live broadcast of the Idoling!!! show, it was annouced that the show will end on 10/31 and all members will be graduating.
It was also announced that the 15th and last big live will be held on 10/5 at the prestigious Nippon Budoukan.
Several events are planned from April until October, including new 7th generation members to be added in July.
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05-13Endou MaiEx-Idoling!!! Leader Endou Mai announces 3rd single.
Ex-Idoling!!! Leader Endou Mai's 2nd single has only just hit the stores today and her 3rd single has already been announced. The single will be called "Baby Love" and will be composed by Okamoto Shou from OKAMOTO'S. The single will be released on August 6th 2014.
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Upcoming birthdays

TodayFukita Sayaka33y
TodaySuenaga Mai19y
TodaySaionji Misa18y
06-24Kitahara Rie (AKB48 Team K member)26y
06-24Yamabe Miyu (TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Leader, Yamabe Ayu's sister)21y
06-24Satou Mieko31y
06-24Nagano Mako26y
06-24Fujita Akari (GALETTe member, Ex-Party Rockets)18y
06-24Shimamura Uta (Ex-Country Girls members)17y
06-25Hirate Yurina16y

Upcoming releases

07-19Houkago Princess - Sayonara Duarena13th single
07-19Yumemiru Adolescence - Lalalala Life9th single
07-19BAND-MAID - Daydreaming/Choose me2nd single
07-19SKE48 - Igai ni Mango21st single
08-09Magical Punchline - Parade wa Tsuzuku1st single

Upcoming events

06-25liveParty Rockets GT - ONEMAN LIVE
07-15liveMagical Punchline - 1st One-man Live: World's End Wonderland: Episode I
live@JAM EXPO 2017
10-31otherIdoling!!! - 5yr after graduation reunion

Upcoming handshake & release events

06-24handshakeAKB48 'Shoot Sign' Large handshake event
06-25handshakeAKB48 'Shoot Sign' Large handshake event
07-08handshakeHKT48 - 'Bagutte Iijan' Nationwide handshake event
07-16handshakeAKB48 'Negaigoto no Mochigusare' Large handshake event
07-17handshakeAKB48 'Negaigoto no Mochigusare' Large handshake event
07-23handshakeAKB48 - 'Shoot Sign'
07-29handshakeAKB48 - 'High Tension' Nationwide handshake event
07-30handshakeAKB48 - 'High Tension' Nationwide handshake event
08-06handshakeAKB48 - 'Shoot Sign' Nationwide handshake event
08-06handshakeHKT48 - 'Bagutte Iijan' Handshake event
08-11handshakeAKB48 'Negaigoto no Mochigusare' Large handshake event
08-12handshakeAKB48 'Negaigoto no Mochigusare' Large handshake event
08-13handshakeAKB48 'Negaigoto no Mochigusare' Large handshake event
09-10handshakeAKB48 'Negaigoto no Mochigusare' Large handshake event

Updated Songs

03-30Keyakizaka46Silent Majority
03-30Keyakizaka46Sekai niwa Ai Shikanai
03-30Keyakizaka46Futari Saison
03-21Nogizaka46Igai break
03-21Nogizaka46Sanbanme no Kaze
03-21Nogizaka46Fuusen wa ikete iru
03-21Nogizaka46Another Ghost
03-21Nogizaka46Jinsei wo kangaetakunaru
03-20AKB48Negaigoto no Mochigusare
03-11Keyakizaka46Bokutachi wa tsukiatte iru
03-11Keyakizaka46Wareta Smaho

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