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25:29Tentoumu-Chu! no Sekai o Muchu ni Sasemasu Sengen! #2Nihon TV
24:59AKBINGO! #285Nihon TV
26:00Idoling!!! #1115Fuji TV CS ONE
26:00Idoling!!! #1116Fuji TV CS ONE

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Yokoyama Rurika: ☆どうかなぁ?☆
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Yokoyama Rurika: ☆どうかなぁ?☆
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Miyake Hitomi: Love*Fashion...
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Katou Sayaka: ペンタペスタリアン
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Katou Sayaka: ペンタペスタリアン
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Matsui Sakiko: 7期会写真館!
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Matsui Sakiko: 7期会写真館!
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Marutaka Manami: まだいける?
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12-08Idoling!!!Idoling!!! Leader #3 Endou Mai announces graduation
Today at their 13th large live concert at Nakano Sunplaza, Idoling!!!'s current leader #3 Endou Mai announced her graduation from the group. She will remain in the group until her graduation concert on February 14th 2014 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo.
This year on her birthday, July 31st, Endou Mai saw the release of her first solo single "Today is the Day" under Avex. After her graduation she will focus on her solo career.
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09-01Idoling!!!Idoling!!! vs Idoling NEO showdown
After the announcement that new 6th generation will officially be called Idoling NEO and will go on to be a separate group, it was announced that they will be having a showdown by releasing a single on the same day. Idoling!!! will release their 21st single on November 13th 2013, while Idoling NEO will release their first single. To put some extra experience into the new group, Itou Yuuna and Gotou Kaoru have been transferred to Idoling NEO. The group that loses will have to do a punishment game.
The TV show will stay the same with all the members, they are only separate groups in terms of music.
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06-01Idoling!!!Endou Mai to debut solo in July
Announced during the final stop of their Zepp Mystery Tour, Idoling!!! announced that first generation member #3 Endou Mai will be the second member to solo debut with a single at the end of July. It will be released on binyl records, a sub-labal of Avex Trax.
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04-13Idoling!!!Yokoyama Rurika to debut solo in June
Also announced during the first stop of their Zepp Mystery Tour, Idoling!!! announced that first generation member #9 Yokoyama Rurika will be debuting with a solo single in June. The songs have already been recorded and are produced by Hyadain.
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04-13Idoling!!!Idoling!!! 6th Generation Auditions announced
During the first stop of their Zepp Mystery Tour in ZEPP Tokyo, Idoling!!! made the announcement that they will be holding auditions for the 6th generation members. Entry will be possible from May 31st and first auditions will start on June 7th. The new members will be joining during the summer, Endo Mai said in an interview.
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02-06Kashiwagi YukiKashiwagi Yuki holds a release event for “Short Cake”
On February 6th, AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki held a release event for her solo debut single, “Short Cake“.
Kashiwagi, who claims herself to be an ‘ame-onna’ (a woman whose presence causes rain), commented on the snow in Tokyo on this day. “There was a downpour on the debut day of French Kiss, and now snow for my solo debut. I wonder if I’ve entered the hall of fame for ame-onnas.”
“Short Cake” is a ballad that describes a heartrending love for a childhood friend, and it’s being used as the theme song for TV Tokyo’s drama, ‘Mielino Kashiwagi‘, starring Kashiwagi herself.
She expressed, “It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, so my dream has come true after 6 years. I’m happy that this day has finally come.” She also revealed that she has been receiving support from fellow members Watanabe Mayu and Sashihara Rino. “They tell me, ‘It’s nerve-racking singing by Yourself, but Yukirin will be okay.’ That has been my support.”
On this day, Kashiwagi held a handshake event for her fans. Comedian duo TIM, “spiritual college student” CHIE, and popular patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu also celebrated her sol
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02-04Maeda AtsukoMaeda Atsuko appears at CM presentation event for ‘Sapporo Mugi to Hop’
On February 4th, former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko and rock musician Hotei Tomoyasu appeared at a CM presentation event for ‘Sapporo Mugi to Hop‘.
As previously reported, Maeda and Hotei joined actor Tamura Masakazu as the new image characters for Sapporo Beer’s ‘Mugi to Hop’ for 2013. During this event, the new CMs, ‘Mugi to Hop Beer to Machigaeru, Hotei-san Version’, ‘Beer to Machigaeru, Maeda-san Version’, and ‘Kin ka? Kuro ka? Version’, were revealed for the first time.
Maeda commented, “I did my best hoping that I could bring my new face forth.” While the CM shows Maeda drinking the beer in an appetizing manner, she reflected, “The drinking scene was difficult,” and continued, “The times I eat and drink delicious things is when I feel I’m close to my natural self. I’m embarrassed because it seems like people can see my natural side.”
The new CMs for ‘Sapporo Mugi to Hop’ will air starting on February 5th.
Check out photos and news footage from the event bel
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02-04SKE48SKE48’s latest single sells 539,000 copies, tops Oricon weekly chart
Popular idol group SKE48’s 11th single “Choco no Dorei” (released on January 30th) sold 539,000 copies in the first week, topping Oricon’s weekly single ranking. This is the best first week sales for the group, and is the 7th consecutive single to top the chart.
With this single, they have surpassed Onyanko Club for a female group’s record for the number of consecutive chart topping singles, and have become No.3 overall after AKB48 (16 consecutive singles) and Pink Lady (9 consecutive singles).
SKE48 also become the 4th female artist to sell over 500,000 copies in the first week for 2 consecutive singles which has only been accomplished by Utada Hikaru, Hamasaki Ayumi, and AKB48.
Matsui Jurina commented, “I am very happy to have the highest sales number for the first week since our debut. Because of everyone’s support, we were able to do this. Thank you very much.” She also said, “The other artists who have achieved the consecutive chart topping record, are all well-known, so it’s such an honor. I want everyone to know the charms of SKE48 more and more, so we will continue to put our best foot forward.”

This single includes “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” sung by “Tabidachi Sotsugyou-gumi” that consists of 9 members who will graduate from the group this
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02-03Momoiro Clover ZThe title of Momoiro Clover Z’ upcoming 2nd album to be “5TH DIMENSION”
It’s been announced that idol group Momoiro Clover Z’s upcoming second album would be titled “5TH DIMENSION“! The new album was announced at the final day of their 7-day talk & live event “Momoclo Shiren no Nanaban Shoubu episode.3” held at the Tokyo Kinema Club.
Since the title for their second album has been set, the title for their upcoming tour has also been decided as “Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013 ‘5TH DIMENSION’.” The girls will make stops at Osaka-Jo Hall (in Osaka) on March 12th & 13th, Nippon Gaishi Hall (in Aichi) on the 16th & the 17th, Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (a.k.a. Hokkai Kitayell, in Hokkaido) on the 30th & the 31st.
They are also set to hold live concerts at the Seibu Dome on April 13th and 14th, a 3-day concert (5 stages) at Yokohama Arena during May 27th ~ 29th (fan club members limited), and they will be holding a live concert at Nissan Stadium with the highest seating capacity in Japan with 72,327 seats, on August 4th.
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02-03Minegishi MinamiMinegishi Minami attends a handshake event & once again apologizes to fans
On February 2nd, AKB48’s Minegishi Minami attended a handshake event held at Makuhari Messe. This was her first appearance in front of fans after shaving her head on January 31st because of a tabloid magazine’s report.
According to fans who attended the event, Minegishi appeared on the platform during afternoon, and said, ”I am extremely sorry for taking thoughtless action as an AKB48 member,” then bowed for about 15 seconds. Regarding her shaved head, she commented, “I did not do it to be forgiven. I wanted to regain everyone’s trust, and to start again from the beginning.”
Reportedly, many fans who attended the handshake event, requested to the management, “We have felt Mii-chan’s good faith, so we request to take the YouTube video down.” When AKB group theater general manager Togasaki Tomonobu told Minegishi about the fans’ requests, she responded with, “I’m full of gratitude for the voices from the fans.” Considering the fans’ and Minegishi’s thoughts, Minegishi’s apology video that was posted on AKB48’s official YouTube channel has been taken down on the night of the 2nd.
On AKB48’s official blog, Togasaki commented, “Though Minegishi’s sense of apology will not disappear until she regains the trust from you fans, please continue to support Minegishi Minami, and AKB48.”
Source & Image: Sponichi annex via Infoseek + MANTAN WEB
Thanks to Katherine for
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