Japanese name:Booing!!!
Country: Japan
Parent artists:Idoling!!!

Current members

Tachibana Yurika
Tachibana Yurika
A - Shiga
Kurata Ruka
Kurata Ruka
O - Osaka
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Kurata Ruka@ruka.kurata25,2535002024-07-05
Tachibana Yurika@yuricalcal13,9093432024-07-05
Sat 18 12:00Tokyo E-Sports FestivalIdoling!!! (Yokoyama Rurika, Asahi Nao, Tachibana Yurika, Hashimoto Kaede, Kurata Ruka), Vanilla Beans, 9nine, TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE, JK21, Cheeky Parade, Idolrenaissance, Booing!!!, Up Up Girls (2)
Sat 12 14:00Booing!!!'s Summer Vacation Vol.1Booing!!!
Sat 12 17:00Booing!!!'s Summer Vacation Vol.1Booing!!!

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