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Episode cast

Main part
guestKitahara Rie (24)(AKB48 Team K member)
guestOgino Yuka (17)(NGT48 draft member, Ex-Baito AKB)
guestKusakabe Aina (14)(NGT48 member, Ex-Baito AKB)
guestSeiji Reina (15)(NGT48 member, Ex-Baito AKB)
guestNishigata Marina (20)(NGT48 draft member, Ex-Baito AKB)
guestOtaki Yuria (21)(NGT48 member)
guestKatou Minami (17)(NGT48 member)
guestOguma Tsugumi (13)(NGT48 member)
guestKado Yuria (15)(NGT48 member)
guestSatou Anju (14)(NGT48 member)
guestSugahara Riko (15)(NGT48 member)
guestTakakura Moeka (15)(NGT48 member)
guestTakahashi Mau (14)(NGT48 member)
guestTano Ayaka (18)(NGT48 member)
guestNakai Rika (18)(NGT48 member)
guestNakamura Ayuka (17)(NGT48 member)
guestNara Miharu (18)(NGT48 member)
guestNishimura Nanako (18)(NGT48 member)
guestHasegawa Rena (15)(NGT48 member)
guestHonma Hinata (16)(NGT48 member)
guestMiyajima Aya (18)(NGT48 member)
guestMurakumo Fuuka (18)(NGT48 member)
guestYamaguchi Maho (20)(NGT48 member)
guestYamada Noe (16)(NGT48 member)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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