Idoling!!! - #6.1193 : Urgent plan! Asahi-san worries about going from long to short again! < >

Japanese title:緊急企画!朝日さんがロングで行くかショートにするかで悩んでいる!

Episode cast

Main part
HostTobe Yoko (33)(Fuji TV Announcer)
HostMasuno Hidetomo (39)
regularTonooka Erica (23)(Idoling!!! #6)
regularYokoyama Rurika (23)(Idoling!!! #9)
regularKawamura Yui (25)(Idoling!!! #12)
regularNagano Serina (20)(Idoling!!! #13)
regularSakai Hitomi (25)(Idoling!!! #14)
regularAsahi Nao (20)(Idoling!!! #15, Ex-Love Berry model)
regularMiyake Hitomi (22)(Idoling!!! #17)
regularOkawa Ai (21)(Idoling!!! #20, JJ model)
regularHashimoto Kaede (17)(Idoling!!! #21)
regularKurata Ruka (18)(Idoling!!! #22)
regularOjima Chika (20)(Idoling!!! #26)
regularIshida Karen (18)(Idoling!!! #28, Ex-Love Berry model)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


Rating: not yet rated

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