Name:Yarakai heart single
Type:Trading cards
Associated shows:Idoling!!!
Associated groups:Idoling!!!
Associated media:Yarakai Heart [CD]
Yarakai Heart [Lim. CD+DVD A]
Yarakai Heart [Lim. CD+DVD B]

03a: Endou Mai
03b: Endou Mai

03qt: Endou Mai

06a: Tonooka Erica

06b: Tonooka Erica

06qt: Tonooka Erica

07a: Yazawa Erika

07b: Yazawa Erika
07qt: Yazawa Erika

08a: Fonchi
08b: Fonchi

08qt: Fonchi

09a: Yokoyama Rurika

09b: Yokoyama Rurika

09qt: Yokoyama Rurika

11a: Morita Suzuka
11b: Morita Suzuka

11qt: Morita Suzuka
12a: Kawamura Yui

12b: Kawamura Yui

12qt: Kawamura Yui

13a: Nagano Serina

13b: Nagano Serina

13qt: Nagano Serina

14a: Sakai Hitomi

14b: Sakai Hitomi

14qt: Sakai Hitomi

15a: Asahi Nao

15b: Asahi Nao

15qt: Asahi Nao

16a: Kikuchi Ami

16b: Kikuchi Ami

16qt: Kikuchi Ami

17a: Miyake Hitomi

17b: Miyake Hitomi

17qt: Miyake Hitomi

19a: Tachibana Yurika

19b: Tachibana Yurika

19qt: Tachibana Yurika

20a: Okawa Ai

20b: Okawa Ai

20qt: Okawa Ai

21a: Hashimoto Kaede

21b: Hashimoto Kaede

21qt: Hashimoto Kaede

22a: Kurata Ruka

22b: Kurata Ruka

22qt: Kurata Ruka

23a: Itou Yuuna

23b: Itou Yuuna

23qt: Itou Yuuna
24a: Nomoto Manami

24b: Nomoto Manami
24qt: Nomoto Manami

25a: Gotou Kaoru
25b: Gotou Kaoru

25qt: Gotou Kaoru

26a: Ojima Chika

26b: Ojima Chika

26qt: Ojima Chika

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