Wed 04/04/2018

03:00 NMB48 'Warota People' Handshake event CD sale 26th session

Attending: NMB48

03:00 NMB48 'Yokubomono' Handshake event CD sale 11th session

Attending: NMB48

05:00 NGT48 '' Handshake event CD sale 5th session

Attending: NGT48

13:00 'Aitakatta' Performance (Team 8)

Attending: AKB48
Location: AKB48 Theater

17:00 Yagura Fuuko Graduation Concert

Attending: NMB48
Location: Orix Theater, Osaka

18:30 'Aitakatta' Performance Shitao Miu・Miyazato Rira Birthday (Team 8)

Attending: AKB48
Location: AKB48 Theater

18:30 '0start' Performance (Team K)

Attending: SKE48
Location: SKE48 Theater

18:30 'Seifuku no Me' Performance Iwahana Shino Birthday (Team K)

Attending: HKT48
Location: HKT48 Theater

18:30 Yagura Fuuko 卒業コンサート 〜同じ空の下で〜

Attending: AKB48

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