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Episode cast

Main part
HostMuramoto Daisuke (37)(Woman Rush Hour duo member)
HostNakagawa Paradise (37)(Woman Rush Hour duo member)
regularKomiyama Haruka (19)
regularSatou Kiara (17)
regularMukaichi Mion (20)(AKB48G Directory (3rd))
regularKawamoto Saya (19)(AKB48 draft member)
regularTaniguchi Megu (19)
regularOkabe Rin (21)(AKB48 Team A caption, Team 8 member)
regularOguri Yui (16)(AKB48 Team 8 Member, LARME model)
regularHiwatashi Yui (18)(AKB48 2nd draft member)
regularMa Charin (21)(AKB48 Taiwan Audition Winner)
guestMurayama Yuiri (20)
guestTakita Kayoko (21)
guestTatsuya Makiho (16)
guestSatou Nanami (18)
guestYoshikawa Nanase (19)(AKB48 Team 8 member)
guestCho Kurena (18)(AKB48 Team 8 Member)
guestKuranoo Narumi (17)(AKB48 Team 8 member)
guestYamabe Ayu (16)(AKB48 2nd Draft, Sister of Yamabe Miyu)
guestKubo Satone (14)(AKB48 2nd Draft)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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