Tentoumu-Chu! no Sekai o Muchu ni Sasemasu Sengen! - #2 : Can they cope with the pressure working in a restaurant? < >

Japanese title:イタリア人の心を知る為にてんとうむChu!の7人で喫茶店を切り盛り
Synopsis:The girls are put to the test when they have to run a small Italian cafe on their own. Three are put in the kitchen while the other four are in charge of the customers.

Episode cast

Main part
HostTsuchida Teruyuki (41)
regularTashima Meru (14)
regularTomonaga Mio (15)
regularOkada Nana (16)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularKojima Mako (16)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularNishino Miki (15)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularShibuya Nagisa (17)
regularKitagawa Ryouha (15)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


Rating: not yet rated

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