Fujisaki Miyu

Name:Fujisaki Miyu
Japanese name:藤崎未夢
Nickname:Miyumiyu, Miitan
Japanese nickname:みゆみゆ、みーたん
Birth date: (20y)
Star sign:Scorpio - Dragon
Blood type:A
Current group(s): (3rdDraft gen, )
Hometown:Niigata, Japan
Followers: 11,639
Fujisaki Miyu

General election

AKB48 53rd Single Senbatsu20180.0.00NIII


Fujisaki MiyuFujisaki Miyu

Instagram followers


2018-07-17 18:30'Hokori no Oka' Performance (Team N)NGT48 Theater
2018-07-14 12:30'Hokori no Oka' Performance (Team N)NGT48 Theater
2018-05-23 18:30ドラフト三期生・アイドルセンター試験NGT48 Theater
2018-04-18 18:15Kitahara Rie NGT48劇場 Graduation ~最後まで、みんなのために~ (Team N)NGT48 Theater

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