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1. Teacher Teacher 
2. Happy End (Cho Kurena solo on guitar)

Episode cast

Main part
guestMatsui Jurina (21)(SKE48 Team S Member)
guestKashiwagi Yuki (26)(AKB48 Team B member)
guestYokoyama Yui (25)(Ex-AKB48G Director (2nd), AKB48 Team A Captain, Ex-Team K member)
guestYamamoto Sayaka (24)(NMB48 Team N member)
guestMiyawaki Sakura (20)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestKatou Rena (20)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestTakahashi Juri (20)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestSuda Akari (26)
guestShiroma Miru (20)(NMB48 member)
guestYoshida Akari (21)
guestOkada Nana (20)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestKojima Mako (21)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestKomiyama Haruka (19)
guestFukuoka Seina (17)
guestMukaichi Mion (20)(AKB48G Directory (3rd))
guestYabuki Nako (16)(HKT48 Team H, Ex-AKB48 Team B)
guestSakaguchi Nagisa (17)
guestOkabe Rin (21)(AKB48 Team A caption, Team 8 member)
guestOguri Yui (16)(AKB48 Team 8 Member, LARME model)
guestCho Kurena (18)(AKB48 Team 8 Member)
guestOgino Yuka (19)(NGT48 draft member, Ex-Baito AKB)
guestMatsuoka Hana (18)(AKB48 2nd Draft, Ex-Baito AKB)
guestKatou Minami (19)(NGT48 member)
guestOguma Tsugumi (15)(NGT48 member)
guestNakai Rika (20)(NGT48 member)
guestToyonaga Aki (18)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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