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Japanese title:菊地亜美登場!元アイドリング!!!によるしくじり先生ング!!!~
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Episode cast

Main part
HostKawamura Yui (28)(Idoling!!! #12)
HostSakai Hitomi (28)(Idoling!!! #14)
regularTachibana Yurika (24)(Idoling!!! #19)
regularOkawa Ai (24)(Idoling!!! #20, JJ model)
regularHashimoto Kaede (20)(Idoling!!! #21)
regularKurata Ruka (21)(Idoling!!! #22)
regularIshida Karen (21)(Idoling!!! #28, Ex-Love Berry model)
regularTakahashi Kurumi (20)(Idoling!!! #27)
regularFuruhashi Mayu (19)(Idoling!!! #31)
regularHashimoto Ruka (18)(Idoling!!! #33)
regularPayton Naomi (14)
regularHosoi Hana (17)
regularSuzuki Karen (15)(Ex-Chiba CLEAR'S)
regularTanabe Manaha (16)(Fukui TV Announcer)
guestKikuchi Ami (27)(Ex-Idoling!!! #16)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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