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Episode cast

Main part
HostAriyoshi Hiroiki (36)
regularKonan Yuka (21)
regularKatou Sayaka (25)(Ex-Idoling!!! #1)
regularSeguchi Kana (19)
regularInui Youko (29)
regularHarada Mariru (25)
regularKoike Yui (19)(Tomato 'n Pine member)
regularWada Erika (18)(Tomato 'n Pine member)
regularKisano Hinako (20)(Tomato 'n Pine member)
regularKyan Chiaki (29)
regularUra Erika (24)
regularHayami Akari (15)(Momoiro Clover Sub-Leader)
regularAriyasu Momoka (15)
regularMomota Kanako (16)(Momoiro Clover Leader)
regularTamai Shiori (15)
regularTakagi Reni (17)
regularKyoumoto Yuka (24)
regularSasaki Ayaka (14)
regularOzaki Nana (28)
regularKimura Konomi (20)
regularNakamura Chise (24)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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