HIP♡ATTACK from Idoling!!!

Japanese name:HIP♡ATTACK from アイドリング!!!
Country: Japan
Parent artists:Idoling!!!
Associated shows:Idoling!!!
Idoling!!! 3rd gen unit

Current members

Tachibana Yurika
Tachibana Yurika
A - Shiga
Okawa Ai
Okawa Ai
O - Hyogo
Hashimoto Kaede
Hashimoto Kaede
A - Kanagawa
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Singles in Japan

1st single
Released: 2014-08-12
Sold: 18,635


  • 06/07/2014: The group's formation was announced at #25 Gotou Kaoru's graduation live.
  • 06/27/2014: The name of the group was announced being: HIP♡ATTACK from Idoling!!!
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Okawa Ai@okawa.ai43,4522962024-07-05
Tachibana Yurika@yuricalcal13,9093432024-07-05
Hashimoto Kaede@_1297_13,0221222024-07-05
Okawa Ai@okawa_ai12,8665982024-07-05
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- Koganemushi黄金虫
- Koganemushi (Instrumental)黄金虫 (Instrumental)
ITaiyou no Summer Summer Days太陽のサマサマデイズKobayashi YuujiroKobayashi Yuujiro
Miyada Ryou
Miyada Ryou
- Taiyou no Summer Summer Days太陽のサマサマデイズ
- Taiyou no Summer Summer Days (Instrumental)太陽のサマサマデイズ (Instrumental)

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