Cunning Takeyama

Name:Cunning Takeyama
Japanese name:カンニング竹山
Birth date: (50y)
Star sign:Aries - Pig

Current shows

Guest appearances

08/20/2019London HeartsDid the ex-AKB48 members get any new offers?
05/13/2016London HeartsMUSIC-1 GP
09/30/2014London Hearts
05/21/2013London HeartsLOVEMAGEDDON
05/07/2013London HeartsDokkiri Hearts
01/22/2013London HeartsLOVEMAGEDDON
12/04/2012London Hearts3hr Special
02/09/2011Suppon no Onnatachi#36
02/02/2011Suppon no Onnatachi#35
12/05/2010Gaki no Tsukai ya arahende#1033Christo Icchatta King (Part 1)
11/30/2010LincolnDonburi Battle


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