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Episode cast

Main part
HostIjirii Okada (51)
guestTakahashi Minami (24)(48 Groups Main Director)
guestKashiwagi Yuki (24)(AKB48 Team B member)
guestWatanabe Mayu (21)(AKB48 Team B member)
guestYokoyama Yui (23)(Ex-AKB48G Director (2nd), AKB48 Team A Captain, Ex-Team K member)
guestTakahashi Juri (18)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestTano Yuuka (18)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestKizaki Yuria (20)
guestKojima Mako (18)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestIzuta Rina (20)(BNK48 member, Ex-AKB48 member)
guestMutou Tomu (21)(AKB48 Team K member)
guestOomori Miyuu (17)(AKB48 student)
guestSasaki Yukari (20)(AKB48 student)
guestAigasa Moe (17)
guestIwatate Saho (21)
guestOkada Ayaka (17)
guestKitazawa Saki (18)
guestOowada Nana (16)
guestKomiyama Haruka (17)
guestMukaichi Mion (18)(AKB48G Directory (3rd))

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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