Idoling!!! - #6.1141 : Fresh Idol Vicious Competition Idoling!!! NEO vs GuiGui Idol! Acchi Muite Pie! < >

Japanese title:フレッシュアイドル戦国時代アイドリング!!!NEO期 VS グイグイきてるアイドル!~あっちむいてパイ~
Show segment:Acchi Muite Pie!!!
Synopsis:NEO generation battles it out against Tokyo Girls' Style in another match of Acchi Muite Pie. If NEO loses, Tokyo Girls' Style's music video will be broadcast.

Episode cast

Main part
HostMorimoto Sayaka (36)(Fuji TV Announcer)
HostMasuno Hidetomo (38)
regularTonooka Erica (23)(Idoling!!! #6)
regularYokoyama Rurika (22)(Idoling!!! #9)
regularKawamura Yui (24)(Idoling!!! #12)
regularNagano Serina (19)(Idoling!!! #13)
regularAsahi Nao (20)(Idoling!!! #15, Ex-Love Berry model)
regularKikuchi Ami (23)(Ex-Idoling!!! #16)
regularMiyake Hitomi (21)(Idoling!!! #17)
regularTachibana Yurika (21)(Idoling!!! #19)
regularHashimoto Kaede (17)(Idoling!!! #21)
regularKurata Ruka (17)(Idoling!!! #22)
regularItou Yuuna (18)(Idoling!!! #23)
regularOjima Chika (20)(Idoling!!! #26)
regularIshida Karen (17)(Idoling!!! #28, Ex-Love Berry model)
regularTakahashi Kurumi (17)(Idoling!!! #27)
regularTamagawa Ramu (17)(Idoling!!! #29)
regularKiyoku Reia (14)(Idoling!!! #30)
regularFuruhashi Mayu (15)(Idoling!!! #31)
regularSekiya Mayu (18)(Idoling!!! #32)
regularHashimoto Ruka (14)(Idoling!!! #33)
regularSatou Rena (15)(Magical Punchline member, Ex-Idoling!!! #34)
regularSatou Michaela Wako (18)(Idoling!!! #35)
guestYamabe Miyu (18)(TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Leader, Yamabe Ayu's sister)
guestKonishi Ayano (16)(TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Member)
guestArai Hitomi (16)(TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Member)
guestNakae Yuri (17)(TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Member)
guestShoji Mei (17)(TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE Member)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


Rating: not yet rated

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