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Episode cast

Main part
HostSata Masaki (35)(Bad Boys member)
HostKiyoto (35)(Bad Boys member)
regularKashiwagi Yuki (22)(AKB48 Team B member)
regularOta Aika (19)(HKT48 Team H member, Ex-AKB48 Team A member)
regularMinegishi Minami (21)(AKB48 Team K Captain, Ex-Team 4 Captain & Ex-Team A/K/B member)
regularNakanishi Chiyori (18)(AKB48 Team A, Ex-HKT48 Team H member)
regularMiyawaki Sakura (15)(HKT48 Team H member)
regularTano Yuuka (16)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularOkada Nana (16)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularKojima Mako (16)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
regularNishino Miki (14)(AKB48 Team 4 member)
guestMatsui Rena (22)(SKE48 Team S member)
guestYamamoto Sayaka (20)(NMB48 Team N member)
guestWatanabe Miyuki (20)(NMB48 Team N member)
guestAnai Chihiro (18)(HKT48 Team H Captain)
guestKodama Haruka (17)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestTanaka Natsumi (13)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestMatsuoka Natsumi (17)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestMurashige Anna (15)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestMoriyasu Madoka (16)(HKT48 Team H member)
guestTakayanagi Akane (22)
guestKimoto Kanon (16)
guestFuruhata Nao (17)
guestYamada Nana (21)
guestMoriyama Sakura (15)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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