Production Ogi

Current members

Hirajima Natsumi

Ex-AKB48 Team B member

Ichikawa Miori

AKB48 Team 4 member

Iwasa Misaki

AKB48 Team A member

Kawamura Yui

Idoling!!! #12

Kikuchi Ayaka

AKB48 Team K member

Kiyoku Reia

Idoling!!! #30

Kojima Haruna

AKB48 Team A member

Komori Mika

AKB48 Team B member

Matsubara Natsumi

AKB48 Team A member

Minegishi Minami

AKB48 Team K Captain, Ex-Team 4 Captain & Ex-Team A/K/B member

Nakagawa Haruka

JKT48 member, Ex-AKB48 Team A member

Nonaka Misato

AKB48 Team K member

Ota Aika

HKT48 Team H member, Ex-AKB48 Team A member

Takahashi Minami

48 Groups Main Director

Urano Kazumi

SDN48 Member, Ex-AKB48 Team B Member

Watanabe Mayu

AKB48 Team B member

Yokoyama Rurika

Idoling!!! #9

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