3dome no kinenbi

Artist: Idoling!!!

Lyrics byLeonn

SUNRISE (Standard Edition) [CD+DVD]
Idoling!!!02/01/2013 5.960 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!05/14/2013 5.996 Nicohachi Live 1st gen SP
Idoling!!!06/07/2013 5.1005 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!07/05/2013 5.1015 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!11/15/2013 6.1063 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!06/13/2014 6.1134 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!08/20/2014 6.1157 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!10/17/2014 6.1178 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!!01/15/2015 6.1208 Nicohachi Live 12/14 2nd session
Idoling!!!05/27/2015 6.1254 Nicohachi Live 4/12 (2nd session)
Idoling!!!09/08/2015 7.1287 Nicohachi Live 6/27 (2st session)

3dome no kinenbi

Length: 5:55

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