Kajuu30% Orange Juice Tsubutsubuiri

Artist: Idoling!!!

Composed byUchida "Ucchy" Satoru
Arranged byUchida "Ucchy" Satoru

baby blue [CD+DVD]
baby blue [CD]
Petit-Petit (Premium version) [CD+DVD]
Idoling!!! - 02/06/2009 2.473 Western Music Style Singing Battle
Idoling!!! - 07/27/2009 3.532 Odaiba Gasshuukoku
Idoling!!! - 11/25/2013 6.1066 Nicohachi Live
Idoling!!! - 07/17/2014 6.1146 Nicohachi Live

Kajuu30% Orange Juice Tsubutsubuiri

Length: 2:25

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