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Idoling!!! - SUNRISE - 3rd album 2nd < > 4th

Original title:SUNRISE
Type:Music: 3rd album
Release date:March 3rd 2010
Related groups:Idoling!!!
Related shows:Idoling!!!


SUNRISE (Low-priced Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PCCA-3108
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SUNRISE (Premium Edition) [w/ DVD, Limited Release]
Catalog: PCCA-3106
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SUNRISE (Standard Edition) [CD+DVD]
Catalog: PCCA-3107
CD1.Prologue - reminiscent of moonlight -1:22
CD3.Kishuhen Ecstacy4:06
CD4.Te no hira no yuki4:18
CD7.Snow Celebration -evelasting story-4:56
CD8.3dome no kinenbi5:55
CD9.La La La La no SONG4:18
CD10.LOVE MAGIC♡FEVER ~Love Love Magic Hyper Mix~4:03
CD11.Houkago Telepathy ~Inokori hoshuu Mix~3:42
CD12.Rainy Girl4:30
CD13.Don't be afraid -Director's cut-4:38
CD14.S.O.W.Sense of Wonder4:00
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