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Idoling!!! - Daiji na Mono - 1st album > 2nd

Original title:だいじなもの
Type:Music: 1st album
Release date:February 27th 2008
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Daiji na Mono [CD+DVD]
Daiji na Mono [CD+DVD]
Catalog: PCCA-2625
CD1.The theme of "Idoling"2:50
CD2.Hyakkarouran Idoling!!!4:16
CD4.Moteki no Uta (album mix)4:36
CD5.Kimi ga Suki (vox.change)4:20
CD6.Snow Celebration5:09
CD7.Ganbare Otome (warai) (ultimate party mix)4:11
CD8.Daiba no Koi no Monogatari5:20
CD9.Koi Gokoro3:38
CD10.Stay with me3:54
CD11.Like a Shooting Star3:59
CD12.Omoi no Uta4:56
CD13.Ganbare Otome (warai)3:51
CD14.Daiji na Mono6:30
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Daiji na Mono [CD]
Daiji na Mono [CD]
Catalog: PCCA-2626
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