Houkago Princess - Abracadabu Luv! - 14th single 13th < > 15th

Original title:​アブラカタブLuv!
Type:Music: 14th single
Release date:December 20th 2017
Related groups:Houkago Princess
Weekly sales:24,294
01/01/2018 7. 24,294


Abracadabu Luv! (Kizuki Saori Version)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-5

Abracadabu Luv! (Ltd. Edition)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-1

Abracadabu Luv! (Maika Version)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-6

Abracadabu Luv! (Odagiri Nana Version)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-3

Abracadabu Luv! (Regular Edition)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-2

Abracadabu Luv! (Sekine Sasara Version)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-7

Abracadabu Luv! (Team Miracle Version)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-8

Abracadabu Luv! (Yamaguchi Miran Version)
Catalog: DAKFORZA-4

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