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Petit-Petit (Premium version) [CD+DVD] album

Original title:Petit-Petit (プレミアムエディション) [CD+DVD]
Type:Music: album
Release date:August 19th 2009
Catalog number:PCCA-2982
Label/Production:Pony Canyon
Related groups:Idoling!!!
Related shows:Idoling!!!
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Petit-Petit (Premium version) [CD+DVD]


Composed by Miyazaki Makoto
Arranged by Miyazaki Makoto
Lyrics by Mutsumi Sumiyo
CD3.[Shokugyou: Idol.] Are? MIX4:33
Composed by Funta
Arranged by Funta
Lyrics by Tonji
Lyrics by 7chiko
CD4.Lemon Drop4:18
Arranged by K-LaB
Lyrics by Mizoguchi Takaki
CD5.Forever Remember4:36
Arranged by hiroki
Lyrics by shino
CD6.Betana Shitsuren - Shibuya ni Furuyuki -4:53
Composed by Mizoshita Hajime
Arranged by Mizoshita Hajime
Lyrics by Tonji
CD7.Royal Milk Girl3:42
Composed by Onishi Katsumi
Arranged by Onishi Katsumi
Lyrics by Masuno Hidetomo
Composed by Fujisue Miki
Arranged by Fujisue Miki
CD9.Harukanaru Virgin Road3:41
Composed by Kojou Yasuyuki
Lyrics by Kojou Yasuyuki
CD10.Kajuu30% Orange Juice Tsubutsubuiri2:25
Composed by Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
Arranged by Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
Arranged by Ikoman
Lyrics by Kaela Kimura
CD12.Hannin wa Anata desu3:53
Composed by Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
Arranged by Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
Lyrics by Sakai Kensaku blue4:22
Composed by Toriumi Takeshi
Arranged by Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
CD14.Soushokukei Carnival Nikushokukei ver.3:11
Composed by YOO
Arranged by Watanabe Tooru
Arranged by Hibino Hiroshi
CD15.Like a Shooting Star (puru-lele ver.)4:21
Composed by Doujima Kouhei
Arranged by Takumi Masanori
Lyrics by Doujima Kouhei
CD16.Tokimeki DREAMing!!! DREAMing!!! MIX4:34
Arranged by K-LaB
CD17.Sayonara Matane Daisuki5:00
Composed by Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
Keyboards Uchida "Ucchy" Satoru
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