RODEO MACHINE (Type B) [CD+Bluray] album

Original title:ロデオマシーン (初回盤B)(Blu-ray付)
Type:Music: album
Release date:March 18th 2015
Catalog number:PCCA-4183
Label/Production:Pony Canyon
Related groups:Idoling!!!
Related shows:Idoling!!!
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RODEO MACHINE (Type B) [CD+Bluray]


Composed by Tadakatsu Tadd
Composed by Kobayashi Yuujiro
Arranged by T-GREEN
Lyrics by MEG.ME
Lyrics by Kobayashi Yuujiro
CD2.My Fate
CD3.Smiley Days
CD4.Ame to Waltz
CD5.Natsuiro Kiss☆4:48
Composed by MEG.ME
CD6.Summer Lion3:49
Composed by SAKRA
Arranged by SAKRA
Lyrics by SAKRA
Composed by Okumura Aiko
Arranged by Miyazaki Makoto
Lyrics by Okumura Aiko
CD8.Ore Ore GO!
CD9.Karuneades wa itakunai
CD10.Oko-sama Love
CD11.Yuki Usagi4:50
Arranged by waio
Lyrics by Matsui Ryouta
CD12.I'd Ring5:15
Composed by SAKRA
Arranged by SAKRA
Lyrics by SAKRA
CD13.Baby Baby Sweets
CD14.Dear Friend
CD16.Happy!!! Happy!!! Birthday!!!
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