Japanese name:ChocoLe
Music label:Avex entertainment (2011-)

Current members

Hashimoto Kaede
Hashimoto Kaede
A - Kanagawa
(Leader - Strawberry)
Takahashi Kurumi
Takahashi Kurumi
A - Saitama
Tamagawa Ramu
Tamagawa Ramu
A - Kanagawa
09/01/2011Hashimoto Kaede, Takahashi Kurumi, Tamagawa Ramu+3314
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Singles in Japan

2nd single
Kuchibue Pyu Pyu
Released: 2012-05-16
Sold: 1499
1st single
Milk & Chocolate
Released: 2011-12-28
Sold: 1356
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ChocoLe / くちぶえピューピュー MV45秒 Ver.

Published: 2012-04-17
View count: 43,608
ChocoLe / ミルクとチョコレート short ver.

Published: 2011-11-24
View count: 63,825
Sat 19 17:00ChocoLe Release EventChocoLe
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IKuchibue Pyuu PyuuくちぶえピューピューFujibayashi ShoukoSakai YouichiSakai Youichi
K - Kuchibue Pyuu Pyuuくちぶえピューピュー
- Kuchibue Pyuu Pyuu (Instrumental)くちぶえピューピュー (Instrumental)
IMilk to ChocolateミルクとチョコレートFujibayashi ShoukoSakai YouichiSakai Youichi
K - Milk to Chocolateミルクとチョコレート
- Milk to Chocolate (Instrumental)ミルクとチョコレート (Instrumental)
IOkkina Sora大っきな空Watanabe TooruWatanabe TooruWatanabe Tooru
K - Okkina Sora大っきな空
- Okkina Sora (Instrumental)大っきな空 (Instrumental)
ISTAR☆WISHSTAR☆WISHAkita KazuyukiAkita KazuyukiHibino Hiroshi
- STAR☆WISH (Instrumental)STAR☆WISH (Instrumental)

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