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Episode cast

Main part
HostKomiya Hironobu (35)(Sanshirou duo member)
HostAida Shuuji (35)(Sanshirou duo member)
regularOoba Mina (25)(SKE48 KII vice-captain, Ex-AKB48 Team 4 captain)
regularSuda Akari (27)
guestYamauchi Suzuran (24)(AKB48 Team B, Ex-Team 4 member)
guestTani Marika (23)(SKE48 Team E, Ex-HKT48 Team KIV member)
guestTakagi Yumana (25)
guestAoki Shiori (22)
guestKamata Natsuki (22)
guestKumazaki Haruka (21)
guestTakeuchi Saki (19)
guestArai Yuki (20)(AKB48 draft member)
guestFukushi Nao (19)(AKB48 draft member)
guestSugawara Maya (19)
guestNojima Kano (17)(SKE48 Team S member)
guestAsai Yuka (15)
guestTakahata Yuki (23)
guestInoue Ruka (17)
guestKitagawa Yoshino (18)
guestNakamura Izumi (18)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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