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Episode cast

Main part
HostTamura Atsushi (39)(London Boots #1)
HostTamura Ryou (41)(London Boots #2)
guestYamazaki Hironari (37)(Untouchable duo member)
guestMasuwaka Tsubasa (27)(Ex-Popteen, Ex-Popsister model)
guestAriyoshi Hiroiki (38)
guestChihara Junior (38)
guestmisono (28)
guestKobayashi Emi (30)
guestTakiguchi Mira (23)(Ex-Idoling!!! #5)
guestOzaki Nana (30)
guestNakamura Chise (26)
guestNoro Kayo (29)(SDN48 Member, Ex-AKB48 Team K Member)
guestKusumi Koharu (20)(Ex-Morning Musume. member)


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