Idoling!!! - #5.900 : 900th Episode: Strongest Determination! Idol Battle-ngu!!! < >

Japanese title:900回記念 最強決定!アイドルバトルング!!!

Episode cast

Main part
HostMorimoto Sayaka (34)(Fuji TV Announcer)
HostMasuno Hidetomo (36)
regularKikuchi Ami (21)(Ex-Idoling!!! #16)
regularOkawa Ai (19)(Idoling!!! #20, JJ model)
regularHashimoto Kaede (15)(Idoling!!! #21)
regularNomoto Manami (16)(Idoling!!! #24)
guestShinozaki Ai (20)(AeLL. member)
guestGotou Yuki (19)(THE possible member)
guestMorozuka Kanami (22)(THE possible member)
guestHashimoto Aina (19)(THE possible member)
guestOkada Robin Shouko (19)(THE possible member)
guestTani Yukako (21)(YGA Ace)
guestHayashi Sanae (20)(YGA member)
guestRena (?)(Vanilla Beans members)
guestRisa (?)(Vanilla Beans members)
guestNishi Erika (23)(AeLL. member)
guestShijou Haruna (19)(AeLL. member)
guestTakana Kumi (18)(AeLL. member)
guestMiyazaki Rina (18)(SUPER☆GIRLS member)
guestKatsuta Rino (18)(Ex-SUPER☆GIRLS member)
guestKoizumi Haruka (16)(Ex-YGA member)
guestHara Ayano (17)(YGA member)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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