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Japanese title:TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010 SP - あっち向いてパイ!!!
Show segment:Acchi Muite Pie!!!
1. Poolside Daisakusen (TIF2010)

Episode cast

Main part
HostMasuno Hidetomo (34)
HostSaitou Maiko (29)(Fuji TV Announcer)
regularEndou Mai (22)(Ex-Idoling!!! #3)
regularAsahi Nao (16)(Idoling!!! #15, Ex-Love Berry model)
regularKikuchi Ami (19)(Ex-Idoling!!! #16)
regularOkawa Ai (17)(Idoling!!! #20, JJ model)
guestTani Yukako (19)(YGA Ace)
guestHayashi Sanae (18)(YGA member)
guestRena (?)(Vanilla Beans members)
guestRisa (?)(Vanilla Beans members)
guestIwamura Natsumi (19)(PASSPO member)
guestOkunaka Makoto (16)(PASSPO member)
guestMori Shiori (17)(PASSPO member)
guestYasaka Saori (21)(SUPER☆GIRLS member)
guestKanou Kaede (11)(SUPER☆GIRLS member)
guestAkita Eri (17)(Ex-SUPER☆GIRLS member)

Stated age is the age at the time of broadcast.


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