Chocolove from AKB48

Japanese name:チョコラヴ フロム エーケービーフォーティエイト
Country: Japan
Parent group:AKB48
AKB48 sub-unit

Current members

Nakanishi Rina (34)
Akimoto Sayaka
Akimoto Sayaka
B -

Inactive members

Miyazawa Sae
Miyazawa Sae
O - Tokyo
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Members' instagram followers

Instagram linkFollowersFollowingLast update
Akimoto Sayaka@areasayaka165,9788772022-06-02
Miyazawa Sae@sae_3830124,3172782022-06-02
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Ashita wa ashita no kimi ga umareru明日は明日の君が生まれる

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